Trips and Rates


Snook, trout, and redfish are the most sot after inshore gamefish in Florida. The shallow water ecosystems of Sarasota’s waterways are home to these species and many more. These fish can be caught using a variety of techniques from live bait to artificial. From Casey Key to Siesta Key the interconnected waterways of the ICW produce not only quality fish, but also quantity and diversity. Depending on the time of year expect to catch snook, trout, redfish, tarpon, snapper, flounder, ladyfish, jacks and many more. Inshore fishing is both for the avid experienced angler as well as fun for the whole family. The waters are protected from exposures and wind by mangrove coastlines as well as barrier islands. Plenty of restaurants and public parks and restrooms are close by to seek shelter and use the restroom.


Grouper, snapper, kingfish, cobia and many more species inhabit the ledges and artificial reefs off of the Sarasota coast. From bottom fishing to trolling, if you are looking to catch big fish and fill the cooler, then this is the charter for you. From the mouth of the pass to 10.3 miles offshore, the nearshore waters of southwest Florida have a network of uncharted ledges and reefs that are not known or publicly available. I have fished these waters my entire life and have found a vast number and variety of spots that will insure tight lines and a cooler full of fish.


Known as the Silver King, tarpon are the most coveted game fish in Southwest Florida. Sarasota has one of the best tarpon fisheries on the West Coast of Florida. Tarpon season spans from early May to late July as the tarpon migrate to Sarasota coastal waters to spawn. The tarpon is a prized fish due to its tenacious fight, aerial acrobatics, and massive size. This is a bucket list fish for many avid anglers. These fish can be targeted by a variety of techniques such as live bait, artificial, and fly.