The Native Blue Charter Experience

Fish the Difference!

What Native Blue Fishing Provides On Your Charter

– USCG licensed and insured
– FWC Charter Captain Fishing License- You do not need a fishing license
– All rods, reels, tackle and equipment
– Bait
– Cooler with ice for fish
– Cooler with ice for food and drinks
– Bottled water
– Safety Equipment: Life Jackets, flares fire extinguisher

If you are looking for a memorable fishing experience, then it is worth the investment to hire an experienced guide. You will save yourself disappointment, time, and money. I will teach you the techniques that work to produce fish. You will learn how to fish, what baits are working, and where to find the best bite. This takes the frustration out of fishing and makes it an enjoyable experience. The most critical part of fishing is catching, buying, and keeping bait alive, but I take care of all the dirty work. I will show up at the dock to pick you up with a live-well full of the best bait based on what the fish are biting at that time of year. The key to a successful fishing trip is the amount of time spent preparing for it. I am on the water nearly every single day putting in countless hours scouting for fish, looking for bait, and discovering patterns. Seasons change, fish migrate, and weather is never consistent. Many factors effect how the fish are biting and finding them is no easy task. I am up before the sunrise catching bait and preparing for the days charter. The day prior includes rigging rods, icing coolers and maintaining equipment to ensure that your fishing trip is a success.

What to Bring




Food and drinks